Fixing SQL error 5170: Cannot create file ‘C:\[…]\APP_DATA\ASPNETDB_TMP.MDF’ because it already ASP.NET

The problem I recently had, for the first time, to create a brand-new ASP.NET web application that made use of the built-in Membership/Roles functionality, using the default of SQL Server Express, NOT a full installation of SQL Server. I had previously wrestled with issues when upgrading an older application using Membership/Roles to ASP.NET 4.0, and […]


ASP.NET/SQL Server: Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server; Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE’

While working on an ASP.NET 4.0 web application that uses the built-in Membership tools, I recently encountered the above two errors which prevented the site from working until sorted. I suspect the errors were triggered by the SP1 update to SQL Server 2008, as the application was working fine prior to my finally applying the […]

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CSS 3.0: fixing IE 8 and below with PIE

I recently set out to spice up my website with some CSS 3 features; namely, border-radius and box-shadow. These can be very effective in causing parts of your page to stand out, especially when used together, though there are some caveats to doing so, which I will discuss later. The main point of this post, […]

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Google’s App Inventor for Android – no programming required?

Creating Android apps with App Inventor: no programming required? Created my first Android app last night using App Inventor–the claim is, “no programming required”, and it seems to live up to that—in a way. Rather than typing programming commands into an editor, per standard programming practice, you snap together pre-defined “blocks” of functionality by dragging and dropping […]



How-to: upgrading BugZilla on Windows Server 2003 and IIS

This is a follow-up post to Installing BugZilla on Windows Server 2003 and IIS, which I posted back in April of 2008. Upgrading BugZilla on Windows: gotchas Recently, having gotten sick of seeing the blurb about new versions of BugZilla every time I logged in, having gotten bored with the somewhat plain-vanilla look, and having […]


MS Test data-driven tests/.CSV file error: Column ‘columnname’ does not belong to table

This is a maddening error, in the best Microsoft tradition of error-text-tells-you-nothing-about-the-real-cause. You are happily running your unit tests using MS Test, and you write a new unit test that requires a series of data to be thrown at the test. An example could be testing the validation code of a property setter. A perfect […]


Hello WordPress!

I have just moved my Blog from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress. Welcome, everyone who followed me on Live Spaces.

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