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Cannot convert source type “MyType” to target type “MyType”

I recently installed ReSharper!. Today I was working on getting some old, previously ignored Unit Tests to pass for my current project. All of a sudden I noticed a nasty red squiggly underline on my actual = target.MethodUnderTest(input); call. Hovering over the offending code produced an error along these lines: Cannot convert source type […]

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MS Test data-driven tests/.CSV file error: Column ‘columnname’ does not belong to table

This is a maddening error, in the best Microsoft tradition of error-text-tells-you-nothing-about-the-real-cause. You are happily running your unit tests using MS Test, and you write a new unit test that requires a series of data to be thrown at the test. An example could be testing the validation code of a property setter. A perfect […]


Using Rhino.Mocks 3.5-and-up with VB.NET 9

Choosing a Mocking Framework Lately I have been getting a bit more serious about Unit Testing, dipping my toe in the Test-Driven Development pool. In reading up on the subject, I came across the concept of using mocking frameworks to dynamically and automatically create stub- and mock- objects. i began looking into the various frameworks […]