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Cannot convert source type “MyType” to target type “MyType”

I recently installed ReSharper!. Today I was working on getting some old, previously ignored Unit Tests to pass for my current project. All of a sudden I noticed a nasty red squiggly underline on my actual = target.MethodUnderTest(input); call. Hovering over the offending code produced an error along these lines: Cannot convert source type […]

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CSS 3.0: fixing IE 8 and below with PIE

I recently set out to spice up my website with some CSS 3 features; namely, border-radius and box-shadow. These can be very effective in causing parts of your page to stand out, especially when used together, though there are some caveats to doing so, which I will discuss later. The main point of this post, […]

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Google’s App Inventor for Android – no programming required?

Creating Android apps with App Inventor: no programming required? Created my first Android app last night using App Inventor–the claim is, “no programming required”, and it seems to live up to that—in a way. Rather than typing programming commands into an editor, per standard programming practice, you snap together pre-defined “blocks” of functionality by dragging and dropping […]



How-to: upgrading BugZilla on Windows Server 2003 and IIS

This is a follow-up post to Installing BugZilla on Windows Server 2003 and IIS, which I posted back in April of 2008. Upgrading BugZilla on Windows: gotchas Recently, having gotten sick of seeing the blurb about new versions of BugZilla every time I logged in, having gotten bored with the somewhat plain-vanilla look, and having […]


How to: Using Microsoft’s FxCop tool with VB.Net

Sadly, it just seems to be the case lately that those of us attempting to use VB.Net to write professional applications, in a professional manner, using up-to-date tools, and best practices, are swimming upstream against the current. Whether trying out the latest tool from Microsoft (I’m looking at you, StyleCop), the latest Test-Driven/agile development approach, […]

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A Random sampling of tools I use with VS2005 when coding web pages

  As I was posting on the ASP.NET forums today, I wound up posting a link to a tool I use frequently when debugging web sites in Firefox. So, thought I’d throw together a more-or-less random list of tools I’ve found indispensable when working with ASP.NET. Most of you probably know about these, but there’s […]

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