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VB.Net’s My.Settings and custom objects/classes; Part Two: Getting My.Settings to recognize your custom object

Read Part one OK, so far everything has been pretty simple: adhere to the guidelines for making your class Serializable, and deal with complexities by Implementing ISerializable. So, your next step is to add a Setting, of the type of your custom class, to your application: Right-click your Project name at the top of Solution […]


VB.Net’s My.Settings and custom objects/classes; Part One: requirements for your class

This article is the culmination of many months’ struggle, on and off, with using a somewhat complex object/class I wrote to store user settings into VB.Net’s My.Settings permanent storage provider. The information required to do so is out there, but it’s fragmented and often contradictory, and some articles/forum posts contain inaccuracies; so I set out […]