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Fixing Strong Name password Errors

Strong name key file password "incorrect"; "specified network password is not correct" This has happened to me twice in the last six months, and I keep forgetting the incredibly simple fix, so I’m posting it here, both for my own use, and in the hope that I can help someone else. Here’s the scenario: you […]

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How-to: Setting up Mono on Mac OS X, Part Three

Part 3 of a series; see Part Two here Continued from Part Two The actual problem, and its solution After spending way too much time on a wild goose chase, it finally occurred to me to do what I should have done in the first place: hit the Mono website harder for a solution. I […]


How-to: Setting up Mono on Mac OS X, Part Two

Part 2 of a series; see Part One here Continued from Part One: At this point, follow the same process to install the CSDK, starting with the .dmg file, which is named in the same pattern. In my case, it was named: monoframework-csdk-2.6.1_1.macos10.novell.ppc.dmg. double-click it, double-click the resulting  drive icon, double-click the .pkg file…you know […]

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How to: Using Microsoft’s FxCop tool with VB.Net

Sadly, it just seems to be the case lately that those of us attempting to use VB.Net to write professional applications, in a professional manner, using up-to-date tools, and best practices, are swimming upstream against the current. Whether trying out the latest tool from Microsoft (I’m looking at you, StyleCop), the latest Test-Driven/agile development approach, […]

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