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Using Rhino.Mocks 3.5-and-up with VB.NET 9

Choosing a Mocking Framework Lately I have been getting a bit more serious about Unit Testing, dipping my toe in the Test-Driven Development pool. In reading up on the subject, I came across the concept of using mocking frameworks to dynamically and automatically create stub- and mock- objects. i began looking into the various frameworks […]


How-to: Setting up Mono on Mac OS X, Part One

I was recently bequeathed a somewhat older, PowerPC-based G5 Mac running OS X 10.4.11. Being a .Net programmer, one of the first things I thought of, spurred by memories of a code magazine article from the May-June 2009 issue, was to install Mono, the project that allows .Net code to run of various flavors of […]