First Blog entry

Well, after putting it off for a couple of years, I’ve decided to start a blog.
What finally pushed me over the edge to actually posting this blog is a desire to share some information about programming using Microsoft’s .NET technologies, especially ASP.NET: issues I’ve come across during day-to-day development that I feel are under-documented and frustrating to learn about. Frankly, there are more than enough .NET blogs already; I hope to provide, among other things, a different slant. I intend to provide a look from the viewpoint of the in-the-trenches programmer, who spends a lot of time just researching how to do things; and I aim to cover a lot of the difficulties I experience, and the methods I find to overcome them.
The specific issue that prompted this blog and this post was the attempt to customize the look of the Tab control that comes with the ASP.NET AJAX toolkit. It was an experience in frustration and aggravation. I found a lack of details, incomplete information, misleading information, and in general, no central place to find out how to do it!
I actually posted most of this on the ASP.NET forums at, but it seemed to me that there should be a central location for this information that would stay put and not change its URL.
I will post again in a few minutes with the details.
I expect that this blog will mainly cover ASP.NET and other .NET technologies; but you may occasionally find me meandering about on other topics as well…anything from largemouth bass fishing to guitar, slide guitar, bass, lap steel, mandolin, etc. playing, music theory. Various old forms of music, including but not limited to Rock & Roll, old-time Country and Honky-Tonk, Delta and Chicago Blues, Celtic Folk music, etc…. You have been warned!
Welcome to my world…

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